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Money Saving Tips for Around the Home


The convenience we all now enjoy in the modern world may make life easier, but it can also come at quite a cost financially. In recent years, there has been an ever increasing movement amongst many of us towards a return to more simple living to help save not only the planet but our bank balances too.

Have you ever noticed how older generations, who never had the luxuries we have now, seem to manage to keep costs down and make their money go that much further? By making just a few small changes around the home, you’d be surprised how much further your cash will go each year. One of the biggest, not to mention easiest, ways of saving money is through saving energy.

Let’s take a look at all the rooms around the home and find out where savings can be made, tot them up and see what we’ve saved over the course of a year, by making just one change per room.


1. Kitchen

Top Tip! Ditch the Dryer

Peg the washing out to dry whenever you can in the warmer months rather than use the tumble dryer. Sales of tumble dryers have increased hugely since the 70s, however there are more recent signs that sales are slipping as households are doing more to save energy and money. Still, it’s estimated that over half of households in the UK own a tumble dryer. If all of them pegged their washing out in the summer instead of use electricity to dry it, the country as a whole would save an enormous £120 million a year! That works at at about £18 per home. (figure from the Energy Savings Trust)


2. Bathroom

Top Tip! Stop the Drip

Did you know that a dripping tap could cost you dear? It’s something so easily ignored, but over the course of a year it all adds up. Apart from wasting about 5,000 litres of water a year it also wastes a fair amount of money, around £18 a year. A replacement washer costs pennies and will save you in the long term.


3. Lounge

Top Tip! Turn Electrical Items OFF (don’t leave them on standby)

According to uSwitch, households waste a total of, wait for it ... £227 million a year (gulp!) by leaving appliances on standby, rather than switching them off properly! That’s a phenomenal amount of money. By getting into the habit of switching off your gadgets at the wall, great savings can be made. It’s estimated that the average household would find themselves up to £60 a year better off by switching the TV and games consoles in the lounge off when they’re not being used, rather than leave them on standby. The electrical items we use for entertainment account for around a quarter of the average UK household’s bill.


4. Bedrooms

Top Tip! Wrap Up and Turn the Heating Down a Notch

Let’s take the average 3 bedroom semi as an example. As we all know, during the chilly winter months, heating bills can go through the roof. A big chunk of this can be from keeping the heating turned up high throughout the night. So, how about wrapping up a bit warmer, maybe popping an extra blanket on the bed and turning the heating down a bit? You’d be surprised when you get your next heating bill in. It’s estimated that by turning heating down by just 1 degree around the whole house you could save about £55 a year.

We’ve picked just one tip per room, and there are so many more, like not overfilling the kettle, not leaving the taps running while you clean your teeth, taking more showers than baths ... the list goes on and on. But let’s see what we’ve saved per year just be putting one money saving tip into practice per room ...


So, we saved :

£18 in the kitchen by pegging out the washing in the summer
£18 in the bathroom by fixing that drippy tap
£60 a year by turning all our gadgets and appliances off in the lounge £55 a year by turning the heating down 1 degree

Total : £151 a year.

Not bad when you think how easy each of them are to put into practice!