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How to Maintain Wooden Decking



Decking boards can be bought at most DIY retailers and self-installed or, if you’d prefer, there are plenty of landscape gardeners or general builders out there who will do the job for you. Whilst decking is relatively easy and affordable to install, it does have to be properly maintained so that it keeps its colour and doesn’t get shabby.


If you neglect to maintain it, the decking’s wood can quickly become grey, slippery and covered in moss and debris. Although decking is not high maintenance as such, there are a few things you do need to do in order to protect the wood and make the decking last longer.


Deep Clean


Once exposed to the elements, decking attracts moss, algae and mould, especially over the winter months. It’s best to give the decking a thorough clean a couple of times a year, during the run-up to summer and again in preparation for winter are two ideal times. Decking cleaner can be bought in most DIY retailers and you’ll need a stiff brush to distribute the cleaner as well as a hose to wash it away. 


Protect and Seal


Once you’ve cleaned the decking, it’s time to protect it from the sun and rain and seal it. It’s a fairly common mistake when decking is quite new to lay it and simply leave it alone, but it’s important to ensure that the wood is watertight and any discolouration brought about by exposure to UV rays is avoided. 


It’s a matter of personal preference as to whether you get your wood stained or not. Some prefer the natural look, others a coloured stain. The most important thing is that the timber is kept clean and sealed. There are various coloured stains available on the market now, including the more traditional mahogany, teak and oak as well as slate, silver and white wash. Most of which offer protection from weathering. If you want to protect the wood but not stain it, go for a clear decking oil.