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How Blocked Gutters Damage Property


It’s surprising the problems that can arise from poorly maintained guttering. A build up of leaves, moss and muck can wreak havoc with a building. There can definitely be a tendency to ignore our gutters, especially the high ones surrounding the roof that are out of sight. Often it’s only when the damage is done to our properties that we realise that the true culprit was blocked gutters. Gutter maintenance is an essential job that can save a whole lot of time, money and hassle further down the road.

If you’re experiencing any damp or structural issues, check your gutters for blockages and take action to clear them and stop them getting clogged again. Once cleared, it’s very easy and relatively inexpensive to keep on top of the situation by installing Gutter Guards, that will keep the debris out.

The words ‘structural damage’ are likely to strike fear and dread into any homeowner. This is the biggest and most costly problem that can arise from blocked gutters and the perfect example of why it’s so important to keep them well maintained.

But how does it happen? Well, the purpose of guttering is to divert rainwater from the roof and away from the structure of the building. They’re specifically angled so that the water falls steadily away from the foundation and the bottom of the downpipe is curved away from the building so that the water is channelled away. If the gutter is blocked up, the water spills over the guttering and gathers in a pool next to the building’s foundation. This water sits on the soil, then seeps in and saturates it, which puts a huge amount of pressure on the side of the building. If this is allowed to continue over a long period of time it can cause cracking to the basement and side walls. Once the rainwater does finally drain, it can cause settling, which results in wonky floors and cracks in walls. Yikes!

As well as affecting the building’s structure, If the gutters and down pipe aren’t draining the water away efficiently, the water will gather around the building and eventually find its way into the basement, causing dampness.

The water that spills over the gutter can run down the side of the brickwork. If the gutters stay blocked and this continues to happen, the water on the walls causes damp and mould to form internally.

So, in summary, what seems like a minor issue, a bit of moss or muck blocking up the guttering, can lead to significant and expensive problems. If ever there was a case for “prevention is better than cure” then keeping gutters clear most definitely is it!