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Quick Dam

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Flooding has become one of the most common hazards in the UK and across Europe, with one in six properties at risk. It’s now estimated that the annual clean up cost of flooding in the UK has reached over £1billion.

Quick Dam Sandless Sand bags & barriers create an effective, easy to use flood control barrier. As water comes into contact with the specially formulated inner powder, it turns into a gel causing the bag to swell, creating flood control bags which can be stacked in the same way as conventional sandbags. 

Quick Dam Flood Sand bags can be stacked and staggered to build a retaining wall to protect your property and valuables.

The Quick Dam Flood Barriers are ideal for diverting channels of water to prevent damage to your possessions.

Quick Dams are easy to use sandless flood protection products and a real alternative to heavy, messy traditional sand bags.

Click here to read the Environment Agency's article on how to be prepared for flooding. 

Find a stockist online or near you

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